About WBL Services

Bill Lipscomb & Nikos Mouat

Communicating Technology

WBL Services provides stadium technology, outside broadcast, game presentation and telecom support to the NFL under several different guises – game-day technology and coaching staff communications support at CenturyLink Field, stadium technology support for the NFL International Series, and telecom and technology support for the NFL Special Events team – including the Super Bowl, Pro Bowl, NFL draft, and the Hall of Fame Game. WBL staff also sit on the NFL technologies committee and have participated in league-wide stadium upgrade projects including managing the 2012 Injury Video Review (IVRS) deployment and the 2014 Official-to-Official (O2O) project.

In addition, WBL supports voice and data services to a number of large customers, specializing in temporary large event implementations.

Along with telecom and stadium technology, WBL works at large temporary events installing security camera solutions.